Defend yourself, go to jail.

I recently learned about a young black (in this case, race does play a role) FTM that is currently serving a 20 year sentence in a Georgia prison after defending himself, and unfortunately (or fortunately…) killing a man who was raping him. There is a lot to this story, more than I can write about, but attention desperately needs to drawn to this case. Ky does not deserve this punishment, he does not deserve the treatment he has received by law enforcement, the courts, and his own public defender. This is so much more than a story about a transman in prison. It is a story about the treatment of people of color in this country. It’s a story about the abuse trans people suffer. It’s a story about misogyny and the horrifying belief that men or masculine presenting individuals cannot be victims of abuse. It’s a story about all of us, and why we need to stand up and fight against these injustices! I implore you all, please read about Ky, please stand up and speak out against this abuse and oppression. We cannot let things like this continue to happen to our fellow human beings.

You can read Ky’s story here

You can show Ky some love and support through the letter writing campaign Love Letters To Ky, just be sure to follow the rules. This young man needs our support. Let’s show him what our community is capable of!


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