(trans)cEND hate

Transcend HateImage copyright: Kage Coven. May not be reproduced or used without permission.

I am about to do something I will rarely, if ever, do in the future. I tell you this because I want you all to understand how important this must be to me. I am not typically the fundraising type, at least not for individuals. But I am making an exception this time.

I recently met an amazing man. He is motivated, organized, ambitious, caring. Just a remarkable human being. He spends a good portion of his free time running a support group for trans people. When he isn’t doing that he is working his ass off at his full time job and picking up extra shifts any chance he gets. He saves every extra penny he has for top surgery. He has his surgery scheduled and has been making payments over time. The deadline is approaching quickly however, and no matter how hard he works, he just can’t quite save enough. He is trying, as hard as he can but he needs a little help. He has a GoFundMe page, in an effort to possibly gather the last bit of funds, and even then, he isn’t asking for a hand out. Every donation $3 or greater gets you something in return. $20 gets you a T-shirt (pictured above) and there are various other items. I have never met anyone who worked so hard to achieve his goals, and not just this particular goal. I think what strikes me the most, and why I feel motivated to help, is that he isn’t asking for charity. He doesn’t want people to just give him money, he wants to earn it in some way. That is deserving of my respect and help. So I ask you all, donate if you can. If you can’t spare a buck, spare a few seconds to share his link or re-blog this post. I know not a lot of people read my blog, but it the few of you who do share this, then we might just be able to help someone truly deserving fulfill his dream.



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